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Soeul Lee

Soeul Lee

Residence Period: 2018.10.10-2018.10.29

Soeul Lee

Residence plan
Currently I am continuing the "Japan/Korea Creator Exchange Project" that was started in October 2016. Through the activiies of this ongoing "Japan/Korea Creator Exchange Project", I have planned to strengthen my artistic activities through a residency with AIR 3331. For this shared experience by multiple creators in a "relay residency", I will search for meaning behind the shared theme of "REBIRTH".
I would like to express a world where we all live together through the keyword, "Happy together".
Story behind my work: I remember reading about the wallaby that went extinct years ago. These creatures I am not used to seeing look almost like a small kangaroo, but it seems because of their high-selling fur, their population suddenly decreased. The last wallaby was killed by a dog in 1927 and the species went extinct. The pace of human life is increasing rapidly, and with its power of destruction, animals, plants, and buildings continue to disappear. All lives on planet earth have the right to live at their own pace.

Artist profile
1)"Artist Nomad", Group, Tokyo & Akita, Japan, 2017
2)"GIAF 2017", Group, Changwon, Korea, 2017
3)"AnKyung", Group, Seoul, Korea, 2018

Base of activity:Busan & Seoul, Korea
Media Used:Painting on Hanji, Korean traditional paper

My work begins by looking at the world where nature, animals, and humans live together.
I like mountains, so I wondered what type of animals live there.
Sometimes I am curious about the story of squirrels on a tree, sometimes I wonder what the life of cats are like.
I try to imagine their story in a studio surrounded by gray concrete.

*This project has been assisted by the In Painter Global.