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Sunyoung Kim

Sunyoung Kim

Residence Period: 2018.09.01-2018.09.20

Sunyoung Kim

Residence plan
Currently I am continuing the "Japan/Korea Creator Exchange Project" that was started in October 2016. Through the activities of this ongoing "Japan/Korea Creator Exchange Project", I have planned to strengthen my artistic activities through a residency with AIR 3331. For this shared experience by multiple creators in a "relay residency", I will search for meaning behind the shared theme of "REBIRTH". In doing so, I plan on conducting my activities under the key word, "memory".
Story behind my work: Something grew from between my hairs. It was as if it appeared out of an empty space of a lake at night. I tore off the thing growing from my head and tried eating it. Even before the wound on my head could heal, another one grew from my arm. After repeatedly trying to tear it off and eat it, I gave up. The thing growing out of my ear covered up my body and finally swallowed me up. Before long, its existence became "me".

Artist Profile
1)"Artist Nomad", Group Show, Tokyo & Akita, Japan, 2017
2)"Joney to Find", Solo Show, Daegue, Korea, 2017
3)"AnKyung", Group Show, Seoul, Korea, 2018

Base of activity:Busan & Seoul, Korea
Media Used:Painting on Hanji, Korean traditional paper

"The work begins with a story. "
The story is mainly a mixture of daydreams and daily life and travel experiences.

"The brief story of the "What Is Real" series is about a boy hitting the road to find a girl who he is waiting for. (The girl is symbolic.)"

In addition, the other objects appearing in the painting have their own stories..
Combined with the little stories of the objects, the whole story was completed on Hanji (traditional Korean paper). M.A (Does this mean it was an MA thesis project? Please sepecify)

This project has been assisted by the In Painter Global.