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Hyun Jun Lee

Hyun Jun Lee

Residence Period: 2018.09.01-2018.09.20

Hyun Jun Lee

Residence plan
Currently I am continuing the "Japan/Korea Creator Exchange Project" that was started in October 2016. Through the activities of this ongoing "Japan/Korea Creator Exchange Project", I have planned to strengthen my artistic activities through a residency with AIR 3331. For this shared experience by multiple creators in a "relay residency", I will search for meaning behind the shared theme of "REBIRTH". In doing so, I plan on conducting my activities under the key word, "memory".
Story behind my work: The year 2018, Seoul, my memories are gradually fading. The town I lived in during my childhood has become a bleak housing complex. The restaurant located along the alleyway my dad and I used to pass is now a high-rise building. In the name of rebirth, our memories are trampled on and completely erased. This is what is happening in Seoul right now. I call back the memories and stories from towns that are disappearing and try to revive the underside of a city fading away through urban development.

Artist Profile
1) Solo Exhibition "HYUN JUN LEE x MCM KUNST PROJECT", Seoul, 2017
2) Adidas "Artistic Conversation about Grid", Seoul, 2018
3) [NEDxPO] "Placemaking Alternatives in the Netherlands" Exhibition, Seoul, 2018

Base of activity:Seoul, Korea
Media Used:Photography

I start my work walking down the corridors of dark cities.
It captures narrow corridors and people within a background.
I reveal the hidden side of cities unseen in daytime and remove its unnecessary decoration.
As the objects are returned to their simple appearance, they look lonely in the pictures but they never lose their warmth.
It is because the pictures include the warmth of the artist's eyes seeing the world and love for people.

This project has been assisted by the In Painter Global.