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Xiuching Tsay

Xiuching Tsay

Residence Period: 2018.09.07-2018.10.02

Xiuching Tsay

Residence plan
The unknown self is residing at the bottom of an abyss. I'll never be able discover it, but I am thankful for this fact because during the never-ending journey of discovering the unknown, I have been encountering infinite visions. I believe this journey may lead me to liberation, to free myself from the realm of humanism where everything has only one possible meaning. So, this project is about my journey of self-discovery in the unpredicable ocean, presented in the form of painting and performance.

Artist profile
1) Discovery of I (s) Solo Exhibition, Ne-Na Art space, TH, 2018
2) UK Young Artist, Derby, UK 2016
3) Barcelona International Art Fair, Museu Maritim, Spain 2016

Base of activity: London, UK; Bangkok, Thailand
Media Used: Oil, Clay, and Other Mediums

I am a 24 year-old painter, born in Thailand. I am currently living in London and studying MA Painting at Royal College of Art. Contemplating water is my great inspiration for my practice. Water melts reality (in reference to manipulative humanism) before my eyes. Tumultuous movement of waves introduces me to the fantastical world of other spiritual selves. These unknown beings that are roaming in the sea encourage me to seek their true existences. But will I ever discover them?