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Belinda Keyte

Belinda Keyte

Residence Period: 2018.08.09-2018.09.05

Belinda Keyte

Residence plan
My plan is to create a meaningful body of work about temporality, isolation, impermanence. What I am looking to convey is not only the transitory nature of the world we live in, but also how that subverts the very idea of the permanency and connection with our world that we seek. I intend to work constantly, shooting everyday and intensely editing. I also intend to research, visiting major photography museums and meeting with local photographers.

Artist profile
1) BA in Vis Arts, Adelaide College of the Arts/Flinders University, 2017
2) Photoforum 'Best College Photography 2018' hard cover art photography book. Finalist work 'Empire of the Clouds'
3) Photoforum 'Best Photography 2017' hard cover art photography book. Finalist work 'As life passes us by'

Base of activity: Melbourne, Australia
Media Used: Photography

My work is primarily about people. A visual artist working in photography, my work is fundamentally intended to have a positive impact on humanity and the world in general, and reflects an interest in people's lives, social, political and community consciousness, happiness, emotion and beauty, and most importantly, the human condition.
I would describe my work as being about loss, loneliness, isolation, impermanence and change.