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Dakota Zima

Dakota Zima

Residence Period: 2018.09.21-2018.10.18

Dakota Zima

Residence plan
Japan's character mascots, "Yuru-kyara", can be found throughout the country promoting various prefectures, towns, and organizations. Known for their simple appealing designs, they often incorporate themes that represent the local culture and people. Dakota wishes to capture through her own sense of design these unique and interesting characters, and create a series of colorful, fun paintings representing Yuru-kyara from all over the country.

Artist profile
1) BA in Animation, Sheridan College, 2014.
2) Design artist, Nelvana Studio, 2014-2016

Base of activity: Toronto, Canada
Media Used: Digital, Gouache, poster paint, ink, etc.

Dakota was born in Toronto, Canada and moved to Japan in 2016. She enjoys creating pieces with charming characters that make people smile.