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Byron Kim

Byron Kim

Residence Period: 2018.07.16-2018.08.26

Byron Kim

Residence plan
Retail as a form of art. I will have a sales website that roughly imitates what I have within the gallery, and through the website people who are interested have the opportunity to make a trade.

Artist profile
1) Pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts, NYU 2019
2) Exhibited with Con Artist Collective, July 2017
3) Exhibited with Creator's Collective, August 2017
4) Exhibited at Absurd Conclave, May 2018

Base of activity: New York, New York

Byron is an artist based in New York City who enjoys working with all kinds of mediums. Often times his work incorporates a light hearted approach and a near negligent attitude, and identifies with a sub genre of artists called "de-skillers." After all, who is to say that bad art is bad? If he is not working in the studio, you can often find him rummaging through trash in the streets. What kind of trash will Byron find in the streets of Tokyo?