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Sanne Dasseville

Sanne Dasseville

Residence Period: 2018.07.12-2018.08.08

Sanne Dasseville

Residence plan
During this residence period I will be working on my second solo album. For the most part, I will focus on writing lyrics and recording them, gathering new material and engaging in production. I've been working with the theme "Soundtrack" in the past few months - meaning, that I am creating music and sounds from film/movie genres and exploring that source as an inspiration. The album will be released as a double album in the spring of 2019.

Artist profile
1) M.A. in Electronic Music and Sound Art, Danish National Academy
2) Album: Sanne Dasseville, "Sanne Dasseville" (released 2018)

Link to audiovisual:

Base of activity: Copenhagen, Denmark; Tokyo, Japan
Media Used: Electronic music, sound

I'm a multidisciplinary female artist from Denmark. I perform and release solo material in my own name, Sanne Dasseville. I have a background in acting and theatre, and I also have a Master's Degree in Electronic Music & Sound Art from the Danish National Academy of Music. My focus often evolves interdisciplinary collaborations in the genres of music/audio, visual art and performance, and I primarily engage in projects based on breaking down the boundaries between different art forms.