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Fernanda Feher

Fernanda Feher

Residence Period: 2018.03.02-2018.03.29

Fernanda Feher

Residence plan
During my residency period at 3331 I would like to explore the gif/post-internet aesthetics on classical painting form. I would like to investigate themes like vaporwave, videogame art (cyberpunk), pixel art and even selfies and social media, and then translate them into painting. This would question the value and durability of different forms of visual art.

Artist profile
1) BFA painting at Pratt Institute
2) 2012 - "Day Dream" Solo exhibition at Hotel Gallery - São Paulo, Brazil
3) 2016 - "Gardening at Night" at Lazy Susan Gallery - NY, NY - curated by Gisela Gueiros

Base of activity: Lisbon, Portugal
Media Used: Water based oil painting on canvas and watercolor on paper

Fernanda Feher is a Brazilian multimedia artist currently living and working in Lisbon, Portugal. In her work Feher subverts traditional portraiture by placing subjects in fantastic, sometimes impossible landscapes heavy with symbolism. By focusing on familiar subjects such as friends and family she challenges the reality of the known world by transposing her subjects into unnatural and surreal settings. She attended The Art Students League of New York, and completed her B.F.A. at Pratt Institute."I think of my paintings as postcards from a world inside of me." - Fernanda Feher