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Jenny Forster

Jenny Forster

Residence Period: 2018.02.01-2018.03.28

Jenny Forster

Residence plan
During my stay at 3331 Arts Chiyoda I will develop my own works on paper in dialogue with the city and selected Japanese paintings. I plan to go on working in the themes of mirrors and screens which came up during a short trip to Tokyo exactly one year ago. Fascinated by Japanese artistic forms, that combine flatness with spatial representation in a peculiar manner, I found inspiration which I want to investigate and exhaust. At least I´m curious about the things which will come towards me.

Artist profile
1) 2012 Diploma and Masterstudent of Karin Kneffel
2) 2018 Postgraduate scholarship by the German Academic Exchange Service
3) 2018 solo show at Kunstverein Eisenturm Mainz, Germany

Base of activity: Munich, Germany
Media Used: Painting

A painting, as I conceive it, is an open room, in which the viewer can move freely, rather than a static depiction of objects of immutable form. During the working process material and intentions look for a sensitive balance until the paint takes shape whilst remaining flexible enough to oscillate between illusion, construction and abstraction. Often I find a source of inspiration in the works of other artists throughout history and forge a bridge from the quotation to the transformation.

The residency is supported by the German Academic Exchange Service