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Hai-Hsin Huang

Hai-Hsin Huang

Residence Period: 2018.01.05-2018.02.01

Hai-Hsin Huang

Residence plan
The resulting works will be a series of oil paintings and drawings creating tragi-comic contemporary scenes that reflect my experience in Tokyo.

Artist profile
1) "Halo, Lai Pi Hsi", Muesum der bildenden Künste, Leipzig, Germany (Project Room), 2017
2) "Stranger in a strange land" solo exhibition, Aura Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan, 2017
3) "Asia Contemporary Art Exhibition 2017- Asian Women Artists", Jeonbuk Museum of Art, South Korea, 2017

Base of activity: New York, USA
Media Used: MFA Fine Arts, School of visual arts, 2007

Hai-Hsin Huang's works explore images indicative of contemporary life. Particularly banal everyday life scenes that reveal an ambiguous atmosphere between humor and horror. Such as ordinary family photos, tourists at attractions and the routine disaster drills... Huang is interested in the ridiculousness, fear, absurdity and loneliness in society. To her, most aspects of life have the potential to be ridiculous, absurd, awkward, funny and meaningless all at once.