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Chunghsuan Lan

Chunghsuan Lan

Residence Period: 2018.01.05-2018.03.29

Chunghsuan Lan

Residence plan
I intend to capture people performing their self-described ideal deaths in the city of Tokyo. Subjects are staged as corpses according to how they dream and explain their deaths. However, their gestures and the placement of objects around the body are determined by the artist. By doing this, the images are accompanied by unpredictable and uncontrollable compromises. The artist also models for those who do not want to be photographed.

Artist profile
1) MFA in Fine Arts, Pratt Institute, 2016
2) "AYLO", KAAGNY, 2017
3) "Babylone- U.S.A.", Pierogi Gallery: The Boiler, 2016

Base of activity: Taipei, Taiwan
Media Used: Photography, image-based installation, video & audio installation

Chunghsuan Lan is an artist from Taipei, Taiwan. From his image-based art, poetries, video and audio installations, Chunghsuan Lan examines freedom, inheritance, death and dark emotion. His works were internationally exhibited and collected. He was a resident of Arteles Creative Center, Finland, in 2017. Chunghsuan Lan currently lives and works in Taipei, Taiwan.