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Cecilia Westerberg

Cecilia Westerberg

Residence Period: 2017.10.02-2017.10.27

Cecilia Westerberg

Residence plan/statement
My plan is to make research, collect inspiration for new narrative strategies to apply in my figurative work. I will collect material and make tests. I will work with artists' books and animation. They often relate, a film is often turned into a book or the opposite. I will look into the different ways that non verbal narrative is used in Japanese storytelling and how creatures and ghosts from Japanese folklore are portrayed and transformed in books and animation.

Summary of CV
1) Blinc - digital arts, Adelaide Arts Festival, Australia, 2015
2) Atlas, Solo, Trondheim Museum of Art, Norway, 2013
3) Art in Public Space Award, The Danish Arts Council, 2010

Base of activity: Copenhagen, Denmark
Media used: 2-d animation, drawing & collage

Artist profile
Cecilia is a visual artist, publisher and art-educator. Her work focuses on drawing, artists' books and 2-d animation, and is inspired by the concept of time. She creates whimsical animated sequences that capture her observations of life. The work offers a purity and beauty in its simplicity that is often humorous and engaging. She often works with site-specific or themed projects that are heavily research based. Her work is largely figurative and always has a narrative.