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L.A.Raeven (Liesbeth and Angelique)

L.A.Raeven (Liesbeth and Angelique)

Residence Period: 2017.08.01-2017.08.28

L.A.Raeven (Liesbeth and Angelique)

Residence plan/statement
Imagine a robot that is identical to your loved one both in appearance and behaviour. Even current trends bring up robots replacing people in the field of domiciliary care, for example. Today we have taken a step further in this direction, or rather, professor Hiroshi Ishiguro has. The director of the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory at Osaka University has made a perfect robotic copy of himself, indistinguishable even by his own daughter. We would like to explore this idea of making perfect copies of ourselves, and further, in Japan. With collaboration in current activities and research, the 3331 residency is perfect because we are not planning to make work yet. More importantly, we can connect with new people and explore innovations and trends. Perfectionism, marketing and beauty ideals are very common themes in Tokyo and we see this as an interesting starting-point for us to investigate.

Summary of CV
1) Wild Zone 3, Museum Arnhem, the Netherlands
2) Wild Zone 3, Museum Arnhem, the Netherlands
3) Exhibition, Kunstraum Lakeside, Klagenfurt, AT

Base of activity: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Media used: film, photo, conceptual art

Artist profile
We protest the ideal body and beauty images that rule societies yet have disastrous effects on us. We promote the search for authenticity from a frustration (given we are identical twins) of wanting to be unique, but never attaining this. Our work represents a compulsive need to copy others, while mocking the aspiration for independence and fear of loneliness. Through anxiety felt towards abandonment, we thought it would be ideal if there existed a perfect copy of the other as a replacement.