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Sarah Lebeck-Jobe

Sarah Lebeck-Jobe

Residence Period: 2017.05.07-2017.06.02

Sarah Lebeck-Jobe


Sarah Lebeck-Jobe earned a Bachelors degree in English literature and a Masters of Family Therapy Counseling in the USA and worked as a psychotherapist for seven years. She is now on a sabbatical traveling and developing her artistic practice.

Sarah creates site specific installations in the cities she visits using materials she finds on the streets to reflect both the uniqueness and the similarities of each location. In Tokyo, she will ask local people to collaborate by creating stories based on her artwork. Editing these texts into poems and combining them with an installation completes the final work. Sarah has prior experience with this kind of cross-cultural collaboration when she worked with storytellers in Morocco to create poems.

Residency Project

"During my residency, I have two projects. I will create temporary site-specific installations using objects found on the sidewalks of Tokyo. Photos of these 'Street Art' installations plus the actual found objects will be displayed at an exhibition that will include images of installations from international locations.

I also plan to create an installation memorializing the 1,127 victims of the 1945 air raid on Kofu by the US. I will make individual memorials from paper strips each stamped with a 'momo no tane' symbolizing the people of Kofu, an area known for its peach orchards. I will display this memorial at the end of my residency in Tokyo."