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Sunwoo Kim

Sunwoo Kim

Residence Period: 2017.05.02-2017.05.29

Sunwoo Kim

Residency Project

"While staying in the residency, I will hold a progressing open studio to communicate with artists regularly in order to develop direct relationships and also discussions and obtain feedback from both the audience and other artists. I would also like to observe the scenery of Tokyo and try to combine it with my work. I aim to hold a workshop and small exhibition for an open audience."


"Dodo in New York" Solo Exhibition, Art Mora Gallery, 2017
Ilhyun Travel Grant Award, Ilhyun Art Museum, 2015, Korea
Eulji Art Project Residency Artist, Jung-gu Office, Korea
BA in Fine Art, Dongguk University, 2015

Base of activity: Seoul, Korea

"I am interested in why people don't really know what they want and what true freedom is. I want to send a message of warning to modern people who have lost their own value through the Dodo bird, an extinct bird species that couldn't fly. I wander as a way to overcome the tragic story of the Dodo bird. Wandering is considered to be improper in a residential society, but I believe that a man can grow up by wandering on roads. For me, wandering becomes a reason and a purpose of painting."