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Matilde Maria Rasmussen

Matilde Maria Rasmussen

Residence Period: 2017.04.26-2017.05.30

Matilde Maria Rasmussen

(Caption) Vera, 2015 / An Audio Visual Short story published on / Launched and exhibited at Officin in Copenhagen, 2015 / with Hanna Bergman (SE)

Residency Project

This project investigates Memory as guidance for Humanoid learning. The outcome will be a printed text book addressing Humanoids with the subject of Human Memory. From a series of curated texts on the subject the text book aims to provide a service through communication - a way of showing respect for history, its biological materials in a Humanoid context that usually has limited experience with these values.


Criticism and Curation in Art & Design, Royal College of Art, London, Summer 2016
VERA - An Audio Visual Short Story, Sasso Residency, Switzerland, 2014. Published on

Base of activity: Copenhagen, Denmark
Media used: Print, installation, photography, illustration

Matilde Maria Rasmussen is Senior Creative Director at All the Way to Paris in Copenhagen. Working with publications and objects in the cultural field, she is interested in critical thinking and curation in Art and Design. In 2015, she initiated New Readings - an experimental digital book project, during a stay at Sasso Residency in Switzerland. With kind support by The Danish Arts Foundation, the book was launched and exhibited at Officin in Copenhagen and represented at The Tokyo Art Book Fair 15.