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Jun O

Jun O

Residence Period: 2017.04.04-2017.05.05

Jun O



a post-fashion essay

"Un-weaving Shinto" focuses on the way a religion can be decoded by its costumes and rituals, thus unveiling the inner structures of established cultural glories and constraints. It aims to detect unobserved perspectives embedded in the mechanisms of a culture, operating in the creation of identity at subliminal levels. For instance, by unweaving the garments which give shape to myths and tales, a spatial drawing of the integrated parts emerges, uncovering the narratives of belief that sew together the physical experience and the realms of a subtle unknown, manifested by the fervour of the kami.


Jun O delves into fashion (or ways of wearing) as a medium to investigate identity behaviours and crystallised social status. Creates pieces as an interconnective membrane between the body, the architectural space, social inquires and the self. Looking into traditional contexts and the contemporary values casted from it, Jun O seeks to invigorate the aims of a culture with an upfront approach through its ways of wearing. By examining cultural performances, gives fundament to the term 'post-fashion' as an insurgent concept to reassemble the relationship between the self with its social desires and transgressions.