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Daniel Miller

Daniel Miller

Residence Period: 2017.03.11-2017.06.02

Daniel Miller

"Oasism" 2016, Pixel Art, Created to accompany the release of Oasism by Seattle band USF.

Project Statement

"I plan to develop a method for actively assisting other artists in a community and actively seeking out new artists outside of the community, while keeping up my own drawing practice in reaction to the search for exhibition."


2015 Leaves, St. Mary Majaks, New Orleans, USA
2015 Anger Management, Gallery Cyan, Oslo, Norway
2016 's End; The Free Will Prequel, Ace Hotel, New Orleans, USA

Base of activity: New Orleans, USA
Media used: Ink and water based paint media, drawing media, pixel art animation, wood construction, collage, photography, bricolage

"I need to find people who love, hate, accept, reject, need and abhor my art, and I need to see how my art and myself might change under their eyes. I need to know if the community-based approach to art that I have fostered in the last two years of my life can be applied elsewhere. I suspect that everywhere there are people of vision, weird people waiting to be listened to, waiting to influence my art, and receive my help, and I need a chance to answer their call. Please give me that chance."