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Yiyang Cao(曹藝洋)

Yiyang Cao(曹藝洋)

Residence Period: 2017.03.11-2017.04.21

Yiyang Cao(曹藝洋)

Project Statement

"Wait to enjoy a movie" is a performance and installation project designed to let viewers experience the time skipped in movies. Through curatorial exercises in cinema and spacial investigations, "Wait to enjoy a movie" isolates the space of waiting and explores its meaning in the contemporary world. It is a sculptural space created to investigate the architecture of waiting and amplify the thinking within it. It deconstructs common assumptions of waiting and entertainment, exposes their inner contradictions, and tries to provoke the audience to reflect on the action of waiting.


Solo Exhibition, The CLUSTER Gallery, 2016
Group Exhibition, NYC Porn Film Festival, 2016
Group Exhibition, European Media Art Festival, 2016

Yiyang Cao is a multimedia artist based in Brooklyn, NY. She received her BFA at Rhode Island School of Design. Cao works with video, installation and film to explore the perception of time and media, and the contradictions in waiting and entertainment. Through her investigation of routines, daydreams, and their relationship with events in modern society, Cao attempts to provoke dimensional thought on our collective states of waiting and being.