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Julia Valencia

Julia Valencia

Residence Period: 2017.03.11-2017.04.11

Julia Valencia

Project Statement

"This project comes from my interest in the relationship between art and ethnology. I will seek a metaphor for the personality of Tokyo. I want to create an installation free of judgments that elevates that characteristic to a sacred order."

Artist Profile

Educated in Industrial Design, Graphic Design and Fine Arts.
'Shiro Oni', Oni Shi, Japan, 2016.
Art Director for CinemaJove Film Festival.

Base of activity: Valencia, Spain
Media used: Installation and drawing

"I need and want to be in contact with many different creative disciplines. Through theatre, collage, graphic design, drawing, art direction and exhibitions, I'm evolving as a creator. But my real source is pure creation, a place where external assessment is not essential. In arts projects, the self and the idea are your own, one to one. Right now, as an artist, I'm interested in exploring Japanese culture, Roma people and their close links with my homeland, Andalucia."