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Eric Edvalson

Eric Edvalson

Residence Period: 2017.05.30-2017.06.26

Eric Edvalson

Residency Project

While in Tokyo I will continue a body of photographic work I have been working on for the last year called 'Expanded Objects.' With this body of work I am exploring nostalgia, consumer goods, and how photography can be hyperreal by making still life photographs that have the appearance of being computer rendered. Much of the work in this series relies on responding to the commercial goods in the world around me, so I am excited by the change of pace that Tokyo will offer.


MFA in Studio Art, Brigham Young University, 2017
'Huge' (group exhibition), Mestizo Institute of Culture and Arts, Salt Lake City, UT 2017
'Cozy Mart' (solo exhibition), public performance in Provo, UT 2016
'There Then, Here Now' (group exhibition), Gallery 303, Provo, UT 2016
Base of activity: Provo, Utah, USA; Tokyo, Japan

Eric Edvalson (b. 1983, USA) is an interdisciplinary artist working in photography, sculpture, and installation. He addresses feelings of loneliness by combining humor and nostalgia with craft store materials and do-it-yourself aesthetics. Pop culture iconography is used to create images and objects that feel familiar to the viewer while invoking feelings that range from pity to empathy to joy and utopianism.