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Michael Amter

Michael Amter

Residence Period: 2016.08.01-2016.09.14

Michael Amter

Residence Project - Artist Statement

Fascinated with themes of science, often referencing the constant relevance of space, time, gravity, etc., on the human experience. A heavy psychological narrative dominates the personal focus. Themes reflecting upon causation, correlation, etc., are obsessively repeated. Often attempting to mimic the increasing speed consuming daily life. A constant obsession remains, trying to break down the incredibly complex into the most simplistic, while maintaining some essential relevance.


Winter Exhibition - Gallery Sensei, NY, NY, USA, 2016
The Maverick Expo - London, England, UK, 2015
The Select Art Fair - Miami, Florida, USA, 2014

Base of activity: Brooklyn, New York, USA
Media: Multimedia

Michael Amter developed an exquisite personal vocabulary of metaphorical imagery. A graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, recognized early for obsessive painting, later for unique film experiments. A truly diverse background, the artist exhibited extensively, even with the iconic 01 Gallery in Los Angeles during the '90s. Michael's history involves a wide range of noted entities, including Apexart, Cité Internationale des Arts, Creative Time, Gallery Aferro, INSTINC, Studio Kura, etc.