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Malu Stewart Letelier

Malu Stewart Letelier

Residence Period: 2016.08.18-2016.09.14

Malu Stewart Letelier

Residence Project

While in residency with AIR 3331, Malu intends to continue her transformative work with Monet paintings acquired in Japan, visiting Chichu Art Museum and the National Museum of Western Art. In the studio, Malu will develop an abstract series of 28 cardboard circles painted one by one, day by day over the 28 days of residence, focusing on menstrual and lunar cycles.


Postgraduate in Fine Arts Painting, Slade, London, UK.
British Council and Chilean Government Award, Slade UK.
Residency with Slade and Camden Arts Center; Group Show August 2015.
"Water garden" Solo exhibition, GalleryDix9, Paris, France. 2015.

Base of activity: Santiago, Chile

"I developed my work to create my own original, abstract language based on experimentation with materials found in everyday use.
My interest is in basic images. In late 2009, I began to investigate the foundations of contemporary painting (large-scale changes from the Academy; the Impressionists).
My current work is the transformation of Claude Monet's oil paintings, turning the works into a territory of optics using chromatic and textural experimentation."