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Xiaoxuan Liu

Xiaoxuan Liu

Residence Period: 2016.07.30-2016.09.14

Xiaoxuan Liu

(Left) She, Typing
(Right) A Conversation among Containers

Residence Project - Artist Statement

During my residency with AIR 3331, I am going to make a new series of oil and acrylic paintings. I will create "stories" using painting languages. The "stories" are made from data collected from both interior and the exterior sources in Tokyo. In the process of "storytelling", I will focus on "the other side" of the story, which differentiates from its appearance. By doing so, a new sense of "self" is developed; each "story" is told through its own characters.


BFA in Painting and Drawing, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 2016
"SHE" Solo Exhibition, Cat Von Kang Gallery, 2016
FreshPaintMagazine International Issue 13, June 2016

Base of activity: Beijing, China; Chicago, USA
Media: Painting, drawing, text, installation

Xiaoxuan Liu (b.1994) is inspired by many gestural and colorist painters, and is also drawn to literature. A sense of anecdote is shown in both her works and the titles of her works. The objects in her work are reformed into "a different kind of thing", fun yet sarcastic. Xiaoxuan uses bright colors and transparent glaze in her paintings to create space and contrast. Her paintings are dynamic and free, yet balanced between the abstract and narrative.