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Joani Tremblay

Joani Tremblay

Residence Period: 2014.07.02-2014.07.31

Joani Tremblay


Joani Tremblay is a Canadian artist living and working in Montreal. Tremblay creates abstract spaces on large paper format where one can lose one's self into details, into marks creating formations, masses, structures and movement. The drawing mimics the way organic systems are created and how they develop.
This way, the drawing evolves in part on it's own, expanding in a way similar to that of cellular structures.
Tremblay's work has been shown recently in New York and throughout Canada at Caravansérail, Usine C and Papier 13. Her work is part of the Loto-Québec Collection and numerous private collections.
The residence at 3331 marks her first stay in Japan.


I'm interested in the notion of open spaces within a Neo-Ornamentalist practice of drawing, print media and embroidery. the month long residency would be used to push my practice further in doing research and creation in the perspective of discov-ering new ways of thinking about the notion of repetition, as well as invisible and created spaces. I would also like to expand my research technically in order to find new avenues in technology, materials and process in my practice. I am currently main-ly working on large paper format pieces with drawing and embroidery, but I would like to add new ways of using repetition in my work. I'm planning on creating large format pieces on paper, in the perspective of an endof residency exhibition.