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Barry Whittaker

Barry Whittaker

Residence Period: 2014.07.07-2014.08.07

Barry Whittaker


Barry Whittaker is an American artist living and working in City of Toledo in Ohio. Barry uses Photography,
video, interactive installation, audio, websites, and drawings that are among the many methods he use in
his individual practice and in his collaborations. Barry states "It's almost impossible to understand another
person completely--it's often hard enough to express oneself fully" he continues to experss that the mis-
understanding makes history and mythology. It creates a greater story when we attempt to understand
something that seems alien and ultimately get it wrong.
I like to image communication in its most fractured and disrupted forms. Our inaccuracies travel across
space and time. We're only aware of our communication tools because of their failings and shortcomings.
I believe that artwork should inspire dialog between individuals or between a work and its audience.
With this in mind, I experiment with technology and the structure of communication both as subjects and
as processes.


My proposed project will incorporate a series of game-like images and interactions, inspired
by a mix of Tokyo architecture (Metabolist architecture, Skytree, and Shinto Shrines for example),
Edo culture (Kabuki and ukiyo-e), and Western cultural imagery. The project will incorporate 3D
modeled images and soundscapes, all sampled and remixed from the Tokyo cityscape.

The final work will exist as a series of digital images and video. All elements for this project will be
generated and processed digitally. Drawing, photography, and audio recording will likely also be
explored as aspects in the development of these works. For the final exhibition, I plan to bring an
additional computer and projector to accommodate a single projection within the gallery space to
show along side a series of drawings and/or digital prints.