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Rae Huang

Rae Huang

Residence Period: 2024.07.22-2024.08.04

Rae Huang

Residence Plan
Tokyo Whispers: Threads of the City's Soul
"Tokyo Whispers" unveils Tokyo's hidden narratives through embroidery and line drawings. Forget bustling crowds - this project focuses on quiet alleys and charming cafes, capturing their essence in four intimate embroideries (11cm x 8cm) and a larger, intricate piece (41cm) that reflects Tokyo's everyday spirit. Two A3 black and white illustrations join the story, portraying hidden corners from a fresh perspective. The creative journey itself takes center stage with documented thread experimentation on canvas, offering a glimpse into the artistic process.
"Tokyo Whispers" invites viewers to explore beyond the surface, to discover the stories whispered in the fabric of Tokyo.Through everyday scenes and intricate details, this project reveals the city's true soul, a place where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

Artist Profile
1)Artist residency, Fjuk art and design center, Iceland, 2015
2)All about life, solo exhibition at Lewis Elton Gallery, Surrey, UK, 2014
3)MA Language and Cultural Diversity, King's College London, 2015

Base of Activity: Wellington, New Zealand
Media Used: Illustration, Embroidery

Fueled by a decade of travel and a Master's degree in Language and Cultural Diversity from King's College London, my creative spark ignites in unexpected ways. Sometimes it's a bustling street scene captured in a quick doodle, other times it's a fantastical creature born from pure imagination. The world around me is a constant source of inspiration, feeding the intricate details and whimsical narratives that take shape in my work.
Now based in Wellington, New Zealand, my artistic approach blends meticulous observation with a touch of the fantastical. This fusion reflects my own journey - a homecoming after a decade abroad, forever enriched by the diverse tapestry of cultures and experiences I've encountered. Each doodle, each fantastical element, is a thread woven into the fabric of my creative expression.