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Kim Thøgersen Grønborg

Kim Thøgersen Grønborg

Residence Period: 2023.02.01-2023.02.28

Kim Thøgersen Grønborg

Artwork image: "Connection Missing", XM3 Room for Contemporary Art, 2022 (Aalborg, Denmark)

Residence Plan
While working at 3331 Arts Chiyoda, I plan to investigate the small Japanese lucky charms known as "omamori". These charms, among other expressions of belief in things that are secret and hidden are all around us. They are so ubiquitous that they are often even used in our use of digital systems. By exploring the use of these charms, I aim to gather information into a body of work to be presented at the end of my residency as an open studio.

Artist Profile
1) "Connection Missing" room installation (mixed materials), XM3 Room for Contemporary Art, 2022 (Aalborg, Denmark)

2) "Klarsiktsapparat" installation with Benjamin Krog Møller and Emil Brahe, artspace: oxer / ship: svartlöga, 2022 (Ebeltoft, Denmark)

3) "Apparatus, Apparatus, Apparatus" room installation, Janus West Jutland Art Museum, 2021 (Tistrup, Denmark)

Base of Activity: Aarhus, Denmark
Media Used: Mixed media, installation, digital prints

I work in and out of different subjects and expressions, ranging from performance to installations to dialogue works, particularly within museum contexts.
My practice involves sensory devices, simulating and monitoring, a recording, and gathering a collection. The devices speak for themselves, as postulates of the function of an inexplicable algorithm.
In all my work, I follow the core principle - "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"