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Residence Period: 2023.01.10-2023.03.06


"Anette" (2021), sketch

Residence Plan
During my stay at AIR 3331, I will put together a project based on the motif of snakes as they appear in myths and legends. I will take on the approach of reconsidering Charles Baudelaire's piece on aesthetics titled, "Hymne à la Beauté", focusing on images of links between the distant past, Japanese princesses, goddesses, and demons. Inspired by the works of Noriaki Yokosuka and Komaro Hoshino, I will not only be using Polaroid, but also digital single-lens reflex camera, and film camera. Employing "bure-boke"* and multiple exposure photography, I will attempt to break out of my current methods, and through understanding my representative work, add a sense of freedom to my photographs.

*Note: refers to a Japanese photographic style known as, "are-bure-boke", in which photos appear grainy, blurry, or out-of-focus.

Artist Profile
1)"Photoplay", The School of Modern Photography, Moscow, graduated in 2020
2) "Strelitzia, Iris et Mademoiselle Wong", Oeillets et Louise, Polaroid Project, Tokyo, 2020
3) "Ningyo", polaroid project, Moscow, 2022

Base of Activity: Moscow, Russia / Tokyo, Japan
Media Used: Photography

As a visualization of her own aesthetic, Christiana Raiki creates portraits of women using a polaroid camera to attain a retro and unique effect, resulting in expressions drawn from the relationship between the "female" in art, and feminism, gender, and sexuality. Through her own female lens, the "female" is dyed a new color by the stories she creates based on artworks and films, in hopes that one day the stereotypical image of the "female" in today's society will change even a little.