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Karen Jiang

Karen Jiang

Residence Period: 2022.12.14-2022.12.27

Karen Jiang

Residence Plan
For my 2-week project, I aim to work on a series of paintings centered around "wabi-sabi" in Japanese gardens, ceramics, and architecture entitled "Within A Cosmos". I want to document this research and personal connection through textural paintings. I will focus on refining a texture and color that will express the sentiment and introspection that I feel towards these objects and architectural structures.

Artist Profile
1) GEISAI #21, Exhibiting Artist, Tokyo, Japan 2022
2) Studio Kura Residency, Fukuoka, Japan 2022
3) BFA Rhode Island School of Design, RI, USA 2019

Base of Activity: Boston, MA, USA
Media Used: Ink and Watercolor Pigment

Karen's artistic practice is rooted in the philosophies and aesthetics of "wabi-sabi" and "shibui". Drawing inspiration from Sumie ink painting, Karen expands upon traditional methods of expression to create and encapsulate fleeting moments, perspectives, and feelings within each piece. In an attempt to explore visual representations of the spiritual and cultural dichotomy she has grown up in, she begins by building a home and identity physically and metaphorically through painting.