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Hsiao-Chi Chang

Hsiao-Chi Chang

Residence Period: 2019.09.08-2019.10.05

Hsiao-Chi Chang

Residence Plan
The project is inspired by the Japanese artist, Ryoji Arai. My project will involve the creation of 8 mini-books. I will go out and take a walk at least 1 hour around Chiyoda City every 2-3 days, each time using a different route. While walking, I will sketch things I find interesting or inspiring. Then I plan to reproduce my walking notes as a map painting on papers back in the studio. Finally, I will use the painting reproductions as elements for creating mini-books. The expected result will be a 1-day pop-up exhibition with 8 paintings and 8 mini-books.

Artist Profile
1) MFA in Illustration, Academy of Art University, 2013
2) "To the little prince" Solo Exhibition, Grand Central Library, New York, USA, 2015
3) 3x3 Illustration Show No. 12, Honorable Mention | Picture Book Show: Professional, 2015

Base of Activity: Taipei, Taiwan
Media Used: Pencil, oil pastel, watercolor, gouache, acrylic, etc.

Hsiao-Chi Chang is an illustrator who is currently based in Taipei, Taiwan. Her illustration style is whimsical and playful. She is often inspired by the humorous situations she encounters in daily life. What drives her to create is the desire to play and express emotions.

A majority of her artworks are illustrated for children. She usually works with acrylic, watercolor, gouache, and Adobe Photoshop, but she is open to experimenting with all types of media.

As a small personal note, she loves black tea lattes.