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Melanie Teresa Bohrer

Melanie Teresa Bohrer

Residence Period: 2018.03.30-2018.04.26

Melanie Teresa Bohrer

Residence plan
Conceptually and materially, I am interested in creating a series of wearable sculptures informed by my recent work "Untitled (ritual)." These fiber works physically and mentally tie two people together in a singular piece of attire. The full-body, wearable sculptures force sensitivity in interaction, by limiting movement and heightening codependence. I hope the work will invite a diverse public, and create a deeper understanding of the complex connections between all of us.

Artist profile
1) MFA in Studio, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 2016
2) BFA in Printmaking, Rhode Island School of Design, 2012

Base of activity: Munich, Germany; Chicago, USA
Media Used: Fibers, Performance, and Artist books in the expanded field

Melanie Teresa Bohrer explores ideas of inherited trauma and how physical objects function as warning markers to promote collective healing. She is inspired by ceremonious garments and their veiling of the human form, as well as artist books and their haptic relationship to the body. As a multilingual, she explores ideas of translation and the emotional implications of living between continents and customs. Both books and cloth function as vessels; they are the connective tissue between us all.