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Francisca Mansilla Derqui

Francisca Mansilla Derqui

Residence Period: 2017.07.01-2017.07.28

Francisca Mansilla Derqui

Residency Project

This project is about how to illustrate senses such as smell and sound to find a particular expression that escapes the one processed into language.
Curiosity about physical properties, phenomena and how they impact our personal imagery archive are all the main focus of the work.


"Shared" - Mite Gallery; Buenos Aires, 2011.
"Solo" - Solo Exhibition, Anselmo Art Gallery, 2015.
"Micro Contemplation" - Solo Exhibition, Shibaura house, 2016.

Base of activity: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Francisca's work is an intersection between photography, motion & design. Influenced by her education in the design field, she studies the interaction between the material and abstract world, natural and artificial, liquid and solid by being conscious of how space influences its meaning. Her latest work is a result of refractions and reflections of light that deepen the contemplation of daily rituals.