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Matt Mahdavi

Matt Mahdavi

Residence Period: 2016.12.01-2017.01.18

Matt Mahdavi

Residence Project

"I'll be continuing 'Mud And Dust', a project exploring simulation theory and the nature of reality, in Tokyo the city to explore our connection with technology nature and code. Throughout my residency there will be a live interactive installation concluded with an exhibition of work."

You can read more about Mud And Dust here:


"Mud And Dust" Solo Exhibition, Urban Outiftters, Exeter, England, 2016
BA Photography, The Arts University Bournemouth, England, 2014

Base of activity: Torquay, England
Medium: Photography, installation, visual art

Growing up in a English seaside town like Torquay you are distracted by its beauty and comfort, but at the same time you witness the degradation of its off season. It's like the town sleeps nine months out of the year and it's so quiet you can always hear the sea. There isn't much to do but fall in love and look up at the stars. For a while, I've felt caught in its undertow but it's the subject matter that has kept me here. Photography gave me a way of escape, and through the quiet, a connection to the stars, the absurdity of life and space.