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Ann Oren

Ann Oren

Residence Period: 2016.10.17-2016.10.30

Ann Oren

Profile photo by Kunstlerhaus Bethanien. Artwork image by Ann Oren.

Residency Project - Artist Statement

Research, shoot and experiment towards my film "The World is Mine" which I have already started shooting during June 2015. The film explores the submersion of fantasy and reality for "otaku", Japanese subculture of extreme fans obsessed with fictional characters. Blending documentary and performance, I will transform myself into a Cosplayer (costume player) of the popular Hatsune Miku, and get to know three real otaku. In my performance, my aim is to demonstrate the relevance of this behavior globally.


Solo Exhibition Cindy Rucker Gallery, NY.
Solo Exhibition Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin.
New Artist Award, Nemaf - Seoul new media festival

Base of activity: New York and Berlin
Medium: video and film

My films, videos and installations explore the performative quality of contemporary life by tracing its cultural and historical origins. As social media invites our fictitious personas to come forth, true intimacy increasingly gives way to a dynamic of performers and audiences. When everyone is both a viewer and a "star", the line between exhibitionism, voyeurism and spectatorship evaporates. Similarly, the characters in my projects exist in the liminal space between performers and viewers.