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Katherine Longly

Katherine Longly

Residence Period: 2016.09.18-2016.10.15

Katherine Longly

Residence Project

"To tell my real intention, I want to eat only haze like a hermit"

Katherine Longly returns to AIR 3331 to deepen her research project through three experiential, participatory methods:
・Collecting personal thoughts about the relationship people have with food, slimness and bodies in Japan by inviting participants to join a self-photography project.
・Collecting tangible and diffuse evidence of a pressure to have one's body fit a standard of slimness in Japanese society.
・To organize a public workshop, where people can question their definition of an ideal body, using different materials such as magazines, dolls, drawings, etc.


Katherine Longly questions in her work the relationship we have with food, slimness and our bodies. She used to be overweight when she was a child.
 In order to understand and put into perspective her personal history, she collects personal reflexions and thoughts about how people deal with the image of a perfect body, in the context of Japanese society.

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