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Michelle Belgiorno

Michelle Belgiorno

Residence Period: 2016.06.25-2016.07.16

Michelle Belgiorno

Above: "Immortal Souls"

Residence Project

Michelle Belgiorno will create a sculptural installation based on Japanese 'senninbari'. Women stitched senninbari during wartime as amulets for soldiers departing Japan. Created as an act of devotion, it was believed the love and strength of the thousand women who stitched would protect the wearer of the belt. In a series of sewing workshops Michelle invites Japanese and Australian women of all ages to add their stitches and stories while discussing reconciliation and Australian-Japanese history. During her time in Tokyo, these workshops will be open to participants.


BA Oil Painting, National Art School, Sydney, 2009
This World and That Beyond, Solo Exhibition, Spot81 Gallery 2015
Enso-Closing the Circle, Solo Exhibition Mosman Art Gallery 2014
Winner National Art School Paris Residency 2010

Base of activity: Headland Park Artist Precinct, Mosman, Sydney, Australia

Michelle Belgiorno's art is a visual exploration of human culture and behaviour in all its diversity. Her work derives from direct observation, cultural relics and icons, as well as from myths and other literary texts. Her current focus is on the inscrutable culture of Japan, an interest that began 40 years ago as an exchange student in Tokyo. Recent exhibitions have explored Japanese cultural themes such as tea ceremony and burial rites and ancestral worship.