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Vincent J.F. Huang

Vincent J.F. Huang

Residence Period: 2015.08.11-2015.10.23

Vincent J.F. Huang

Above: "Black Swan" 2015


Vincent J.F. Huang is a Taiwanese eco-artist joining AIR3331 after exhibition with the 56th Venice Biennale, where he recently represented the disappearing nation of Tuvalu. Combining history and animal images in installation, sculpture and painting, Vincent presents us with an urgent warning - that technology and progressing civilization can trigger environmental crisis. Vincent's impactful works have been exhibited internationally, and have led him to be awarded the 7th Presidential Cultural Award, Taiwan.

Residence Project

While with AIR3331, Vincent will develop an eco art project under the Japanese philosophy of "tenjin soukansetsu", in which humankind lives in harmony with nature against modern capitalist society. Using a unique eco-material combining Japanese paper with carbon capture technology and material from Tuvalu (predicted to be the first nation to disappear due to rising sea levels), he intends to reflect Japan's reaction to climate crisis.