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Lu Yang

Lu Yang

Residence Period: 2013.04.02-2013.05.25

Lu Yang

Artist profile

Lu Yang's work is a combination of video, installation and digital painting. Her subject matter is highly embraced with her interests in science, biology, religion , pop culture , sub-culture , music , etc. Her work concerns itself with biological technology and how technology stimulates our senses and emotions. Through the observation and representation of human anatomy, she explores the notion of the transience and fragility of life. Her latest work creates an articulation between biology and cartoon super hero that invites viewers to engage in a virtual celebration.

Born in China, Lu Yang graduated from China Academy of Art in 2010 and currently lives and works in Shanghai. Lu Yang has exhibited internationally including France, UK, Korea, Netherlands, USA, Spain, Lithuania, and Denmark. The residence at 3331 marks her third stay in Japan.

Description of residence plan

The Uterus Man project is an elaborate narrative conceived by Lu Yang, featuring a superhero fighting to save a future world from an evolution crisis. Over the course of the year, the project will be released as a 3D animation, online game, and in various other forms developed through open-source collaborations.During her residence at 3331, she will continue to work on the Uterus Man project. She is looking to cooperate with a Japanese artist to develop the project.

Uterus Man interview on the creators project: