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Gianluca Gamberini

Gianluca Gamberini

Residence Period: 2013.04.02-2013.04.30

Gianluca Gamberini

Artist Profile
Gianluca Gamberini's works testifie to temporary realities by definition. His poetic is based on the idea of beauty and time, and the abstract and metaphysical side of it. The show and hide mechanism, the real and fake that at the end overlap, as if they were different sides of the same story. He reminds us of the importance of revealing the landscape through photography, of building up stores of memory, of collecting stories about how we were and what was there. Nothing lasts forever. Our very existence needs confirmations that can only be found in the tracks already beaten, in the memories that recall only those places where we have lived.

Description of Residence Plan
During his residency at Art Chiyoda 3331 Gianluca Gamberini will document Tokyo's modern urban space.Observing the current city of Tokyo, most of the occidental people feel that there is no connection between one building and another. In addition to having no restrictions on building style or design as well as no social civic power, the city of Tokyo is composed of individual residences and segmented plots of land. This creates its own dynamism and sustainability supported not by any authorized power but rather by the activities of individuals living in the City.

Tokyo is the most dynamic and changeable city in the world. It is reborn every decade into a new city with new citizens. The target of Gamberini is to show and document this transformation.