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Julie Forgues

Julie Forgues

Residence Period: 2012.06.08-2012.06.30

Julie Forgues

Julie Forgue's photographic landscapes are stories of the past that must never fade out; they are an engagement of nature and culture. She tries to banish the boundaries between spectator/nature without entrenching on this land that already has multiple scars. With these deafen landscapes, stories and memories bustle and provoke landmarks. The represented landscapes show themselves differently than their own physical nature by the culture that has transformed them. By viewing the images of these reformulated natural states, viewers can then try and understand the culture that transformed them.

Julie obtained her BFA at Université de Moncton in 1995 and her MFA Studio - photography at Concordia University in 1999. Between 2002 and 2005, she also did schooling/research as part of the Doctorat en Études et Pratiques des Arts at l'UQÀM. She has soon work in Ontario, Québec, NB, France and Tokyo. Julie works and lives in Moncton, New-Brunswick, Canada.

Residence Plan
Julie decided to "form/recreate" a Canadian/Japanese landscape by juxtaposing both places and using the her methods : recontextualizing each image to form a new representation, therefore, a new personal landscape. The questions is: will the viewer be able to identify the cultural representation put forth before them (culture + nature = landscape)? Is it Canadian, Japanese, both, or none? She will ask different people for places where they find represent the best a man-altered "Japanese" landscape. With these images in hand, and images taken by her, Julie will start an integration of Canadian + Japanese landscape imageries to form a new kind of landscape.