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Elodie Silberstein

Elodie Silberstein

Residence Period: 2012.04.01-2012.04.30

Elodie Silberstein

Elodie Silberstein creates intimate fictions through miniature worlds and dream like installations which often combine narrative, moving images and tableaux vivants.

Her practice explores the latent tension between childhood and adulthood and focuses on the trans-generational propagation of violence in the hidden and private sphere of post-modern society. Recurrent thematics appear throughout her investigations such as the darker sides of parenthood, reparative coping processes which attempt to sublimate psychic pain and the sequelae of infantile traumatic scenarios in the cartography of adult personalities. Collective storytelling, childhood phantasmagoria and psychoanalysis also constitute some of the stronger influences on her practice.

Elodie is currently undertaking a research Masters in Fine Arts externally through the Université Paul Valéry Montpellier III to investigate the historical and sociological evolution of the concept of childhood from modernity to post-modern society.

Residence Plan
Memorium #3 is an extension of Memorium#2 that investigated the mortality arising from domestic violence in the western world.

During a remembrance ceremony, Elodie positioned a clay sculpture in the Camperdown cemetery of Sydney (Australia) to raise issues of loss, humanity and collective responsibility. Feeling the need to deeply investigate the concept of fragility, Elodie was attracted to Japan where there is a strong spiritual dimension given to nature and beauty in ephemeral forms. Her residency which will take place during the cherry blossom season will focus on a study of the unique relationship with nature in the Japanese psyche and the melancholy associated with the ethereal evanescence of beauty.

The final outcome will be a poetical and intimate performance piece conceived as a meditation on destiny, possessing an intense resonance in the wake of the tragic earthquake that struck Japan in 2011.