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Keef Winter

Keef Winter

Residence Period: 2011.10.10-2011.11.13

Keef Winter

Winter presented the exhibition I'm Squatting in your condo in 3331 Gallery, replicating the model of Belfast's many 'Peace Walls' which are up to 10m high constructions that run though the city, built to divide religious communities and physically separate them to prevent conflict.

But where Belfast has political division on either side of these barriers, Winter's wall in 3331 Chiyoda Arts Gallery was inspired by the extreme cases of order and chaos in Tokyo, the largest metropolitan area in the world. Between the extraction of rubble from rogue office squats to the replication of glimmering corporate high-rise, Winter presented a symbiotic relationship between state and rebel, action and inertia, glory and tragedy, where one cannot exist without the other.

In I'm squatting in your condo the surface plane becomes the socio-political threshold representing the shop front in a riot, the city walls in a siege or the boundary between one space and another. The visitor is permitted access in front, around the back and even inside the facade where a non-place exists that is neither on one side or another.

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Northern Irish artist Keef Winter receieved an MFA at Edinburgh College of Art in 2006 and is currently undertaking a practice-based Phd at the University of Ulster. He works in sculpture, performance and independent publishing. He co-founded Space Delawab in 2008 and Allotrope Press in 2011. He is the recipient of an ACES award from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland in 2011. Recent exhibitions have been in Bahrain, Belfast, Dublin and New York.