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Sreejata Roy

Sreejata Roy

Residence Period: 2011.09.10-2011.10.09

Sreejata Roy

As an artist with a particular interest in community-related projects, I have been deeply interested in exploring the new labour practices that have developed in the neo-liberal political/economic environment, as an articulation and consequence of globalisation, and the impact of such practices upon deeply gendered work experience.

For almost a decade I have been using classical/conventional as well as mixed and digital media, informed by a theoretical framework, to produce narratives about such experience.

During my M.Phil. study in media art at the Coventry School of Art and Design, Coventry University, UK from 2001-2005, I have evolved a culturally embedded form of personal practice within her larger investigation of socio-cultural issues via oral history and ethnography, the narration of daily life, and the formation of subjectivity. I initially logged my observations in a diary. These notations - sometimes dense and analytical, at other times fragmented marginalia - functioned as core material for reflection and later articulation through various interlinked media forms and formats.

My present practice involves with Ankur Society for Alternatives in Education working with young people for past four years through variety of forms of art practices connected to public spaces in the low income colonies in New Delhi.

I am awarded with 'Public Art' grant from FICA and completed reshaping a community park in one of those low income colonies. I have also worked exploring community and public spaces in other parts of India and UK.

I am an independent artist working in New Delhi, India. Presently associated as a researcher for IFA ( Indian Foundation for Arts) Project with CCMG( Centre for Culture Media and Governance) Jamia Millia Islamia University.