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Alison Carpenter-Hughes

Alison Carpenter-Hughes

Residence Period: 2019.04.02-2019.05.27

Alison Carpenter-Hughes

Residence Plan
The AIR 3331 residency is an opportunity to explore traditional and new creative practice, particularly in the form of textiles. I am currently using machine embroidery as an art form that dwells between two and three-dimensional states. Using an experimental approach with resources and process; I will investigate how a synergy of new techniques and materials found in the environment, local and beyond, might translate and be applied to add another element of storytelling and dimension to my work.

Artist Profile
1) Cash is King 2: The Art of the Defaced Banknote Exhibition and Book, Saatchi Gallery, August 2019
2) Attenborough Prize, Leicester Open 29, 2018
3) Toru Namekawa Residency and solo exhibition, StudionAme, Leicester, Jan - July 2018

Base of Activity: Leicester, UK
Media Used: Free motion embroidery, drawing, acrylic painting and other mixed media

I am a mixed-media artist, recently focusing on free motion embroidery, exploring the sewing machine as a tool for 'drawing' or 'painting.' Working mostly with sewn full size and partial figures, including installation and animation, I leave loose hanging threads, highlighting the passing of time. There is a certain ambiguity to my work as each piece reveals only a fragment of their subject; the loose strands adding to their sense of incompletion, imperfection and impermanence.

This residency is sponsored by Janome Sewing Machine Co., Ltd.

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[Artist has been selected and sponsored by studionAme Leicester C.i.C]
studionAme Leicester C.i.C believes that making art and the ability to be creative are central to the improvement of peoples' lives and therefore central to the success of our communities.

Art should not exclude through language or access when it has the ability to set people free by engendering creative thinking and expression.

As artists taking over a post industrial space in a neglected part of the city, it falls upon us to seed new ways of working and living together. No longer reliant on the old broken models but the creators of a truly inclusive, sharing economies, using creative language and skills as our medium of exchange.

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