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Han Meansun

Han Meansun

Residence Period: 2018.09.20-2018.10.09

Han Meansun

Residence plan
Currently I am continuing the "Japan/Korea Creator Exchange Project" that was started in October 2016. Through the activiies of this ongoing "Japan/Korea Creator Exchange Project", I have planned to strengthen my artistic activities through a residency with AIR 3331. For this shared experience by multiple creators in a "relay residency", I will search for meaning behind the shared theme of "REBIRTH". In doing so, I will express the landscape of Japan, Korea, and the world constantly being reborn through the subtitle of "PLAY".

Artist profile
1)"Artist Nomad", Group, Tokyo&Akita, Japan, 2017
2)"Project 8Let", Group, Daejeon, Korea, 2017
3)"GIAF 2017", Group, Changwon, Korea, 2017

Base of activity: Chengju & Seoul, Korea
Media Used: Writing on Hanji, Korean Traditional Paper

I do handwriting.
I usually work on Korean language, but unlike other languages, Hangul is capable of creating several letters by combining words up and down.
So, by changing elements of the letters themselves, such as stroke, thickness, or size, you can make them look more beautiful or look like pictures.
I hope that I can put Hangul together through work that can feel like a picture to people who do not know Hangul. I want to make work that is in overall harmony with pictures and writing.

*This project has been assisted by the In Painter Global.