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Jacqueline Mcleish

Jacqueline Mcleish

Residence Period: 2018.06.01-2018.07.26

Jacqueline Mcleish

Residence plan
My concept for this work continues my ongoing interest in failure or limitation along with recent interest in recording, documenting, and hoarding or stockpiling memory. I expect to use the area around 3331 Arts Chiyoda to source mechanical objects for creating a simple robotic installation that records useless information and creates an imperfect archive of surveillance. The artwork will draw on my background research in archives, I am excited by the prospect of asking audiences to consider, what is important to remember, and what is important to forget. What are the limitations of human and prosthetic memory?

Artist profile
1) "The Woman ..." Solo Exhibition, TAEM Gallery, UOW 2017
2) "Interiors" Group Show, Scratch Art Space 2016
3) National Graduate Show Exhibitor, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, 2013

Base of activity: Nowra, Australia
Media Used: Gouache, drawing, and installation art

Jacqueline Mcleish is an emerging visual artist. Her paintings, illustrations, ceramics, and installation art are inspired by failure and limitations in the way people collect and create order through their lives. Her work explores ways to document and record her own personal histories as well as those undocumented or insignificant experiences of other people. Her work encourages diverse and non-prescriptive ways of understanding and imagining memory of the past and the future.