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Kim Thøgersen Grønborg

Kim Thøgersen Grønborg

Residence Period: 2018.04.27-2018.05.24

Kim Thøgersen Grønborg

Residence plan
For my stay I focus on the city, its environments and architecture, as well as its relationship to people.
Tokyo is both traditional and super modern. The face of the city is an eclectic mix of patterns and materials, which offers me great inspiration. I want to investigate these elements and incorporate them in a mix of sculpture and animation, working toward an installation.
I mainly focus on cities and architecture, and their relationships to people. My works are temporary installations on a scale where you can walk and move within it.

Artist profile
1) De-machina. Leave it to the non-humans. Detached Generator. Installation. KH7 Artspace, Aarhus.DK
2) My Uncles Detour to Happy Days. Group SoNA. Performance-installation. Mayhem, København, DK & Skånes Kunstförening, Malmø, S
3) Kakophonia/D.A.M.P. Installations. Kunsthal Nord. Aalborg, DK, 2010

Base of activity: Aarhus, Denmark
Media Used: Mixed media, installation, digital prints

My later works involve digital collages and multi-media installations.These are an investigation into what found objects and chosen conditions can generate. This leaves me with some randomness in my working process, where I have to work with what I am given. My method is using and mixing digital cutout, sounds and sculptural elements.
This is a way of working which is a follow up on cut-up methods used by DADA artists and made famous by the painter Brion Gysin and author W.S. Burroughs.