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Shu-Lun Wu

Shu-Lun Wu

Residence Period: 2017.11.01-2017.10.22

Shu-Lun Wu

MAJ Exhibition: Project Outcome

[In the Past, Present, and Future we will meet again in the Ancestral Land]

In the past we have been called Ezo
Now we are called Ainu (Aynu)
In the Past we have been called Takasago
Now we are called Taiwanese indigenous people
In the past we were all weaving
We made Tattoos
In the past we all lived by and followed nature
In the past we were so deeply close with our Ancestral Land
In the past when people not speaking our language came to this land
We couldn't have our everyday life, which we had before.
Now we don't weave anymore
Now we don't make Tattoos
Now we live in the city and life has been changed.
Now we are speaking Japanese, Chinese and English, but we can't speak our mother language.
Now we are so far away from our Ancestral Land.
Now we can't use our beautiful Tattoos to cross the rainbow bridge and be together with our Ancestral Land.

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Artist Profile

2017 East Coast Land art festival Taiwan/ Administration CEO and Main executive
2016 On site-International Art space exhibition "Taitung Dawn Artis village-Ke'saew exhibition"/Taipei city
2009 Institute of the Indigenous Arts, MA

Base of activity : East Taiwan
Director of Dawn Artist Village (Taitung and Hualien, East Taiwan)/Website:

Shu-Lun Wu is an artist and also the founder of Taitung Dawn Artist Village. She is focused on the relationship of Austronesian culture between Taiwan and other countries. Especially with interest in the Taiwan indigenous arts, she explores each region's local cultures, histories, environments, and social issues.